Ballooning population will someday create irreversible damage to earth

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World: Human Damage To Earth Reportedly Increasing

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Snowball Earth

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David Frum

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Earth's carrying capacity is thought to be four to five billion people. We have billion today and grow byevery 24 hours. Half of the world's population has little access to medicine, electricity, safe water and reliable food supplies.

Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

Our current population is: billion ish World Population Clock: Billion People (). The forecasts show that the population of the world is increasing at a slower rate every year. The forecasts show that the population of the world is increasing at a slower rate every year.

What caused the largest glaciation event in Earth’s history, known as ‘snowball Earth’? Geologists and climate scientists have been searching for the answer for.

Vision and Mission

On your decision depends the fate of the entire World. Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger?

Know that you yourself are essential to this world. Understand both the blessing and the burden of that.

Ballooning population will someday create irreversible damage to earth
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