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Can you write? Citi FM Write-Away Contest 2014 launched

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Nominations for 2014 Radio & TV Personality Awards out!

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Write-Away semi-finalists to face examiners tomorrow

Effective Living Series Effective Living Series Day 6 with Caleb Ayiku. January 11, Philip. Caleb Ayiku, Former CEO of Engen Ghana, share some advice on some things you need to do about your eating.

Citi FM announces top 20 Write-Away contestants tomorrow October 19, The list of the top 20 entrants for Citi FM’s Write-Away Contest will be. Development of life in Ghana is meaningless unless linked up with development of Africa!

Saturday, April 02, I was approached to write a blog post by close of the conference, and so, this is an attempt of sorts to do so. citi eyewitness news (1) citi fm (14) civil society (2) climate change (3) closed sessions (1) closing ceremony (1).

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I’II be very surprised if Amidu is not resourced – Casely Hayford

The Write Away Contest seeks to birth the desire of children in Ghana for writing and reading. This year’s contest, which is the 11 th edition will see the top five contestants awarded cash prizes. The overall winner of the Write-Away contest will be presented with a cash prize of GHc5, The 10th edition of the Citi FM Write-Away Contest has been launched.

The Write-Away Contest seeks to help improve children’s affinity for writing and by extension reading, through engaging, thought provoking contest topics.

The launch, which came off at the Falsyd Foundation School, saw hundreds.

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Citi FM announces top 20 Write-Away contestants tomorrow -