Determinism free will and question

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Freewill and Determinism

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Incompatibilism is the position that free will and determinism are logically incompatible, and that the major question regarding whether or not people have free will is thus whether or not their actions are determined. “The question I am concerned with is not the free will question itself, but the question how, if at all, morals are affected by assuming determinism.” He goes on: Among physically possible actions, only those which we actually think of are to be regarded as possible.

The Standard Argument has two parts. First, if determinism is the case, the will is not free. We call this the Determinism Objection. Second, if indeterminism and real chance exist, our will would not be in our control, we could not be responsible for random actions. We call this the Randomness Objection.

The doctrine that every event has a cause. The main philosophical interest of determinism has been in assessing its implications for free will. P. F. STRAWSON: FREEDOM AND RESENTMENT -- The Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website --The doyen of living English philosophers, by these reflections, took hold of and changed the outlook of a good many other philosophers, if not quite enough.

Free Will. Most of us are certain that we have free will, though what exactly this amounts to is much less certain. According to David Hume, the question of the nature of free will is “the most contentious question of metaphysics.”If this is correct, then figuring out what free will is will be no small task indeed.

Minimally, to say that an agent has free will is .

Determinism free will and question
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