Guess my shape writing activity

Quadrilateral Properties & Attributes

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Guess My Rule Player 1 chooses a type of quadrilateral (rectangle) then lists all of the quadrilaterals (by number) that fit this description.

Player 2 determines which type of quadrilateral player 1 is thinking of, based on the attributes of the shapes that were identified.

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Guess My Shape Geometry Game

A variety of quadrilaterals are projected on the board and students are given a copy of Guess My Rule Shapes as a handout. Using these shapes, students work in pairs to play Guess My Rule. Using these shapes, students work in pairs to play Guess My Rule.

Fine motor skills worksheets are designed to help children year old develop the small muscles in their hands and thus allowing them to perform certain tasks such as legible writing.

These are critical skills to develop at a young age. Help your child boost their fine motor skills with My Teaching Station free printable worksheets. To play "Guess My Rule", I paired up my students and gave them each a set of the shape cards.

They put four shapes on their work mat that followed a rule {all had 4 sides, all had curves, etc} and their partner had to guess it!

Guess my shape writing activity
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