Inner change for outer development

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Inner Development for Outer Transformation

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Inner and outer growth BOOK REVIEWS: “The Masters Sacred Knowledge is a must read for anyone that is genuinely seeking real, lasting and quantifiable “change” in their personal lives. True, there may already an abundance of self help books out there at the moment.

Until we did the inner work, all outer work would end badly. This is an important question for our own time. I’m part of the culture that Heard et al helped usher in – ‘spiritual but not religious’, psychologically literate, trying to do inner work while not joining any particular religion.

The evolution of the outer obstacles, that outer obstacles, outside things that which become condition for problem, life problems, so that came, the outside things made the, they became disturbing, harming conditions by the inner obstacle, because of the inner cause. What is happening on the outer plane does not always reflect the true state of affairs on the inner plane, because it takes time for new consciousness to manifest.

There is a time lag. That time lag is used by the dark to sow fear and contention. Change the World.” Change the Inner World Leadership Development Change the Outer World Service Changing the Outer World: Addressing the Nation’s Dropout Crisis Every 26 seconds A student drops out of school "When more than 1 million students a year drop out of high school, it's more than a problem, it's a catastrophe.".

Inner change for outer development
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Shifting from inner to outer focus