Scenes from good will hunting explain his psychological personality

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Analysis of Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting Psychological Disorder

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Social-psychological principles in Good Will Hunting Donna Harris SOCI Good Will Hunting is a story about Will Hunting who works as a janitor at MIT cleaning classrooms.

Will is an orphan who grew up in various foster homes and was physically abused as a child. Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis The Widower. Everyone could use a Sean Maguire in their lives.

This guy lost his wife to cancer a few years before this movie starts, and he loves her more than we love Matt Damon with a Boston accent.

Mar 11,  · Let us take an example of the movie of “Good Will Hunting”, Will grew up with violence both inside and outside the home.

He never received any sympathy or understanding for the abuse which he went through in his foster homes, thus making him accept the abuse and his role as abuser in both ways – physical and psychological ways, whenever. For the purposes of this report, in order to explain the behaviour of Will Hunting, the focus will be on Sigmund Freud's' Psychodynamic and Abraham Maslow's' Humanism theories of personality.

Will Hunting is the main character and protagonist of the movie/5(7). Will was abused by his father in his childhood. At this age, if you are abused regularly, you come to the conclusion that you are not a good person and that something is wrong with you.

The Psychological Disorders of Good Will Hunting. Traumatic and Stress Disorder This condition is evident by the actions shown by Will Hunting after he was being abuse by the people in his foster house when he was still young.

Scenes from good will hunting explain his psychological personality
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