Strategies for writing a literature review

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Our Literature Review on Marketing Strategies

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The Literature Review: A Few Tips On Conducting It

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The Writing Center Literature Reviews What this handout is about This handout will explain what a literature review is and offer insights into the form and Strategies for writing the literature review Find a focus A literature review, like a term paper, is usually organized around ideas, not the sources.

The literature review is a critical look at the existing research that is significant to the work that you are carrying out. This overview identifies prominent research trends in addition to assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses of the existing research.

Writing a Literature Review: In Summary As you read, try to see the “big picture” —your literature review should provide an overview of the state of research. Include only source materials that help you shape your argument.

Resist the temptation to include everything. Finding sources (scholarly articles, research books, dissertations) for your literature review is part of the research process, a process that is iterative--you go back and forth along the process as new information is gather and analyze until all necessary data is acquire and you are ready to write.

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Literature Review: Strategies for Writing a Lit Review. Share this article: Tweet. So, you’ve just been given an assignment to write a literature review. Immediately, you think of your favorite book or one that is quick and easy to read to make sure that this academic paper is a walk in the park.

But then you’re told to hold on, take a few. The literature review is a critical look at the existing research that is significant to the work that you are carrying out. This overview identifies prominent research trends in addition to assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses of the existing research.

Strategies for writing a literature review
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