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Judicial officers of the Republic of Singapore

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How to Write a Will in Singapore

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The DIY Guide to Drafting Your Own Will in Singapore. enwo3. February 19, Introduction.

FAQ – Write your Last Will & Testament

Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. You can write a will yourself for free in Singapore. Under Singapore law, there is no need to hire anyone to draft your will in Singapore. Not a lawyer.

A guide to making a will At Goodwins we focus on the things that matter to our clients. This is This booklet refers to the law of Singapore.

The DIY Guide to Drafting Your Own Will in Singapore

It does not apply to Muslims whose estates are governed by Muslim law. From time to time the law A will sets out in writing what will happen to a person’s estate when he or she dies.

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This website is created to equip you with a basic knowledge of Will planning and clear the air pertaining to the myths surrounding ‘Making A Will’.

Writing a will template singapore turf
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